Up to 40% of harmful microorganisms enter the room with the inflow of air from the ventilation. During operation, dust, dirt, and possibly grease accumulate in the air supply system. All these layers are excellent breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and other harmful organisms. Cleaning the ventilation system is essential to keep it from becoming a source of disease, it should be cleaned at least once every 12 months.

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Peculiarities of ventilation inspection and cleaning

To perform quality cleaning of the ventilation system requires modern equipment, experienced personnel who know how to handle it, innovative techniques, quality environmentally friendly cleaning products.

System Inspection

A visual inspection of the integrity of the system, fixtures and connections is performed to check the condition of the air ducts. The condition of the filters is checked.

Duct Cleaning

Cleaning methods

Ventilation cleaning in the company is carried out in stages. The first stage is the cleaning of the external parts of the system. Special equipment may be required to clean the internal surfaces of the ducts:

  • flexible shaft;
  • brush machine;
  • industrial vacuum cleaners;special cleaning agents;
  • robot for video inspection.

In some cases of very heavy soiling it may be necessary to dismantle the ducts or create technological holes for the time of cleaning. These holes are subsequently sealed.

Mechanical duct cleaning is the most common method. It allows you to remove dust, cobwebs, soot and other solid particles. Universal, safe, the device is a brush, can have a pneumatic or electric motor.

If there are grease deposits in the ducts, chemical cleaning is used. In this case, a roller moistened with a cleaning agent is put on the brush. Very well proved professional means TM T-PUHTAX.

Employees of the company performing the cleaning, at the end of the work should draw up an act of inspection of chimneys and ventilation ducts.

Which Toronto company can you trust to clean your ventilation system?

To clean ventilation systems, it is sometimes necessary to carry out quite a complex set of works, including:

  • the use of complex, expensive equipment;
  • piercing and subsequent sealing of technological holes;
  • the use of chemicals;
  • working with electrical equipment;
  • filter replacement.

Only a few certified Toronto duct cleaning companies can do this kind of work.


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